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So I wanted to share this MTTIC review, because it deeply touched me:

"Great chapter! Romeo is so sweet, that's a great twist in his character. I think he seems much more mature this chapter as well. One question: Didn't this used to fave a supernatural category? I was hoping there was some magic involved, heh. Still amazing though.

Not sure if you believe in fate, but this story just may have directed my career path! Back in 06 (can't believe it's been that long) when I started reading this, I didn't know what echolalia was so I wikied it. Well, that lead me to autism (because it's often a symptom) and that lead me to realize that I was autistic (now know I was not diagnosed as a child due to crazy circumstances), and that lead me to go into psychology and eventually to wanting to work with autistic kids.

I'm now in psych with a special ed focus and will be going to get an occupational therapy assistant degree in a year to work specifically with autistic children! So, (at least I believe) this story lead me to make major decisions in my life, isn't that crazy? Anyway, I love your work, please keep it up! I look forward to all that you will write in the future. Who knows, maybe it'll help me out again lol"
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