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Thank you for all your kind words from my last post. But I should explain that the reviewer was giving me a good critique of my writing based of the first, and only the first, chapter of MTTIC. Their first review was very critical, but I appreciated it. I get a lot of reviews that basically say "update now!" with no added critique. I pm'ed them to explain that I wrote this back in high school, YEARS ago, and that I appreciated their review regardless, how I know how horribly the story needed rewritten.

In their pm back, they quite sincerely said that my writing style sounded like the kind Stephenie Meyer is accused of having, which is very blunt, grammatically unsound, and very "tell" over "show". The fact that the reviewer said that she also despised the Twilight books made the comment come off even worse.

I pm'ed them back a basic "that is the worse thing ANYONE could have said to me right now" (see my previous post about reading Twilight). I even said I'm considering taking it down.

They messaged me back today, here's the message:

"NO, don't take it down, look at it from an outside perspective. Read it and figure out what to take out and where to add. I would offer help if I felt competent as an editor in any way. If you want I could try. Maybe I can get some of my friends to read it too and see what happens. Sound helpful? It'll at least give you somewhere to start."
They really just was trying to improve the story, but they just HAD to say that I was like Stephenie Meyer.
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I just got my writing compared to Stephenie Meyer's as in how bad it is. I'm gonna go curl up in a corner now.
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I need a new fucking computer. Mine is dying and I had to pry off of the CTRL keys because they kept sticking. I didn't realize I much I used them until I didn't have them anymore. GYAH.

Aw fudge.

Oct. 30th, 2008 11:20 am
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Life has bitchslapped me through mid terms and a suicide of a good friend. So, needless to say, I THOUGHT I would have my Silent Hill Nurse done by today.

Nnngh! *flails at life*

I still don't have a hat...I'll need to make one...and I'll just buy a lot of cheesecloth gauze, get them muddy and fling tea bags and red stuff at it to make it all used and grody looking...then tie them around my face and hope for the best.

Oh, and find something to cover my underthings. That nurse outfit is was freaking short after I ripped out the hem. *fist shake*

I'll stop by somewhere and by Spanx so I can flatten my tummy too.

For those of you who don't know. I'm going as this:

Putting the horror back in Halloween! Obviously not as good of mask as that...or that big of bosom. But still. I'll post pictures!
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So I've been playing this nifty "musical" RPG for the DS called Rhapsody and more and more I wish I had a cooler wardrobe. And that said wardrobe wouldn't cause people to gawk at me.

Seriously! )
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He died at 68 yesterday. Sniff.


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