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I'm SOOOOOO doing the Silent Hill Nurse again. But with the asstassery that went with trying to get my costume back together, I had to redo it.

It turned out better. This time I promise to take lots of pictures.
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That's right- I'm going! WOOT! First con ever.

And hopefully I'll get all my costume pieces together. I already have two, from the same game, lolz. Harvest Moon's Karen and the Harvest Goddess. I'm wiggin' it for the HG, but I have Karen's hair as is! (Yay blonde bangs!)

And then the one costume I'm desperately trying to get together is the nurse from Silent Hill. The one you fight, who attacks you. So far, I have found out my freaking dress I got specifically is POLYESTER, which can't be dyed damnit. Grrrrrr. So All that money went buh-byes. ANd I still don't have the flipping hat.

I might just nix it.

Anyway, I'll be there all four days. So if you're going, drop me a line.


Apr. 14th, 2008 11:40 am
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This is me. In a Young Link outfit.....in a box. It's actually Snake's box. This was from the Brawl release party I went to a month back. My hair came loose...I was wearing heels too XD

I walked around with this jar:

It was a fairy that only came out when there is no light! I also walked around with a milk jar we had. I filled it with a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, because it was fucking freezing and I was in pantyhose and a ridiculously short tunic. Thankfully I wore my boxers under said tunic so I didn't flash anyone. You couldn't tell unless I bent over.

We went on an epic quest for pizza, where we said the order was for "Link" and I went to pick it up. I think only one guy got it. Darn it. Still, my brother got second in the tournament, so we got the second copy of Brawl released. Hellz yeah.

I love this guy.

But I play as this one:

Despite he's the weakest character in the game.




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