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So, if anyone is interested you can go to datesim.org and register for an account~!

From there, you can help us help you by reporting any bugs you see on the forums. We need our site up and working!

EDIT: Just got the OK from the boss, anyone who is a site beta tester gets exclusive content and Valentines! (Valentines is the currency you use to purchase game content.)

So free schwag! Just leave a comment with your username if you signed up!
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I'm going to Fanime '10 in San Jose, California! Whee! I'll be booth-babin' up in the artist alley, peddling Datesim!

So if anyone happens to be in the area, please stop by and say hi! I'd LOVE to meet y'all and it makes me feel all warm and special to know you guys are out there and not just little hits/visitors stats on my ficpress page!

Plus, if you come, I'll give you something! I dunno. Datesim schwag? Or maybe I'll write an AWESOME MTTIC sidestory and have hardcopies on me. Or something.

More info as I get it.

Just come up to the booth and ask for Draz. I'll probably be there, wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Maybe I can wear my green wig so I'm more obvious...? (Ha, obvious in a cosplay-tastic convention? snort)  If not, I'm sure the peeps there can get me.
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So, if y'all remember that Magic Academy datesim project....it has virtually ceased to exist due to lack of motivation, dissent in the ranks, and the inability to keep deadlines.


Basically, now we are opening the doors to ALL WRITERS. The format is simple: Write a "novella" in script form that would be good for a datesim. With interactive choices and 2-3 characters that you want actually drawn (the rest can be disembodied voices).

Then from there it's like getting published. You submit the transcript, they give you a thumbs up or down, and if it's accepted, you go through the art process of getting the stuff you need drawn, and cleaning up your transcript to better work with the game engine.

Please message me or leave a comment if you wish to get more information.
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Given that we get everything up and running, the company is going to have a booth at Fanime '09. And whoever goes has to COSPLAY A CHARACTER FROM THE GAME (if they want).



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