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...would like some of my characters on Twitter?

EDIT: Ben is on Twitter. ToastedBenvolio SERIOUSLY.
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Do you guys know what this is? DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT THIS IS?!



I'm going back, printing out all the chapters (five at a time), highlighting any important bits and poor bits, and then I'll compile everything in this swankified journal [livejournal.com profile] rachelmorph got me for Christmas. From there, I have some semblance of what I was actually going to do outlined in my head, and therefore be able to write the FINAL CHAPTERS OF C&C.


Seriously, I don't know why you people like it so much. Sure, the characters are fun and I have some semblance of plot admist the fluff. I WANT TO SLASH AND HACK THE TWISTED MUSE MUSICAL NUMBERS. And possibly all Springsteen references. He's still my idol, but I didn't realize how much I OVERDID IT.

All I see is one reference after another, whether it be pop culture or some bizarro-facts I was learning in school at the time, and wanting to flex my academic muscles for you all to gaga over my brain goop. GOD I WAS TERRIBLE. Maybe I should pick up NAWTS or GWAB up, since I can't reference anything in there. UGH. DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE I SWITCHED FROM DAWN HAVING HAZEL EYES TO "AQUA" THEN BACK TO HAZEL?! *twitch*

My brain hurts. But, I started writing this nearly four years ago. RAGGLEFRAGGLEGRUMBLEMUMBLE~ I want to start over NAWTS. I loved that world so much....but I know it needs to be hack'n'slashed. I mean....Jiminy Crickets, my grasp of first aid back then makes me CRINGE.

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Slowly, but surely, I'm working out the plot for C&C and MTTIC, and once I reread everything and makes the proper notes, then I'll start writing it again.

I'm working on a drabble, currently. I blame the ghost stories I bought.

Theme Songs

Sep. 9th, 2008 10:45 pm
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So I was bored and started to think of songs that would go well with some of my stories. A few times mostly just as "anime opening credits songs" sort of style and then the theme songs and such. Here's what I got!

First MTTIC.Woot woot! )
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....I hate the word "maneuver". I can NEVER spell it the American way. NEVER. So I spell it the British way of "manoeuvre". 'cause "oeuvre" is "work" in French, and I know how to spell THAT.

And does it sound like I know nothing about soccer? Because I really don't. I PLAYED it and I still don't. I googled it all. Tell me if it sounds stupid.

....I got a 5 on my AP Lit&Comp test. I sparknoted damn near everything. In fact, the only things I didn't were the plays we read in class, and Grendel. YAY GRENDEL! ...oh, and Prayer for Owen Meany. Phooey.

...and Adopt one today!Adopt one today!. Heh.

...also, what should I name Adopt one today!?
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I realized I like that line way too much and need to incorporate it into Charms and Curses. Somehow.

Also, I'm working on my first het story (!!!) for Gothic Novel Writing Month. ...yeah, October. I joined the ranks thanks to [profile] katicalocke. Here's the site.

I swear the only reason the main character is a girl is because gothic clothes are so much more...fun on girls than boys. She's going to be in a pinstripe skirt, bustier, and top hat with lacy ruffles the whole time. Carrying a lacy parasol that she whacks people over the head with. Fun abounds.

So, MTTIC is expected to update next week, and C&C anywhere between now and when Cal Poly starts....

...but seriously, all of two people read this so I have no idea why I bother.
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Just a simple writing exercise to get my creative juices flowing again. Basically you take the first line from page 10, 20, 30, etc of a book and write a little something with the character there. So I picked "Away Laughing on a Fast Camel" by Louise Rennison using Shasta.
So here we go~

pg. 10. " 'What kind of party is it going to be?' "

"Costume, duh," I replied, picking up some bright orange streamers from a bag of decorations. I tossed it up to Jazz, who stood on the ceiling. He caught it and taped one end by his feet before letting it slack.

"What're you going as?" he asked, catching a purple streamer I threw up.

"I 'unno. A banana?"

He laughed. "Should Dawn get a gorilla costume?"

"Nope, he just needs to get really hairy and find a mask. He's got the muscles to be a gorilla if he really tried."

pg. 20 "In the loo."

Why do they call it a loo? Then again, why do we call it a restroom? I'm not resting in the least. Maybe a girl's restroom might have a lounge area. That'd be effin' nifty. Well, I'm gay, can I go into the girl's restroom? Would they mind? I wouldn't. Save for all the femmy products lying around. Eeeew.

pg. 30 "He just smiled and said, "I know you are secretly very thrilled, Georgia."

"I am not secretly thrilled that you are going to bring me back presents from Czechoslovakia. And who is Georgia?" I replied, blinking. And why was the man behind me in line STILL talking to me? The line shifts and I switch my weight to the other foot, holding my box. It was full of frozen pest fairies in mayo jars. They'd live, but they wouldn't be happy when my mother got them, that's for sure.

"You are," he said, blinking back confusedly.

"Um...no. For one, I'm Shasta, for two, I'm a guy."

He tilted his head, staring at me carefully. "You look more like a Georgia to me."

"...are you off your meds?"

pg 40 " 'Jas, you live, as I have always said, in the land of the terminally deluded and criminally insane.' "

"I do not!" Jazz replied, a little huffy that my sister was calling him 'Jas'. "I have done nothing criminal at all!"

"Oh really? You stole my underwear all the time when we were kids!"

"What?!" he squawked.

I raised my hand timidly. "That was actually me. Olly Toggerson kept paying me for them. Got five bucks a piece."

My sister became enraged. "MY PANTIES ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!"

pg 50 "In the end, they all went off, including Angus, who I actually thought was driving the car at first."

And honestly, anyone who lets that insane familiar drive had never heard of the great reenactment of the suicide Thelma and Louise he attempted during our Grand Canyon vacation.

"Ten bucks he'll be surfing on the hood when they hit the coast," I muttered to Rhian.

"You're on if you throw in that Snickers bar in your pocket."

I blinked. "How the hell did you know I had...?"

He smirked, taking a drag of his cigarette first. "Ninja detective skills."

pg 60 "Dave the Laugh will be there."

"...we need to come up with a better nickname for him," I told Dawn flatly.

"Like what?"

"I dunno. Dave the Laugh sounds so...he is a laugh, a couple laughs even, and possibly a guffaw if drunk..."

"Dave the Guffaw?"

"That sounds like an alien."

"Yes, an alien that leaves you in stitches."

"And not in the bad way."

"....I wonder if all us gay men are really aliens."

"Why say that?"

"I mean...anal probing."

"....Shasta, put down the beer."

pg 70 "There was a lot of tossing and so on until I got a really bad neck cramp."

Dawn studied me for a moment. "Nope, you can't do the hair flick, your hair isn't that long."

I rubbed my neck with a wince.
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How old are you? 20
What's your height? Five feet six inches
What are you? A bard from Syzke.
Do you have any bad habits? Um....low self-esteem?
Are you a virgin? Nope.
Who's your mate / spouse? If not, got anyone in mind? Beowulf Fairfield. Drool.
Do you have any kids? Hellz no.
What's your favourite food? Cake.
What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Apricot
Have you killed anyone? Nope.
Have any secrets? Yep
Do you hate anyone? Yes. (Beowulf)
Do you love anyone? Yes. (Beowulf)
What is your job? Bard
Boy or girl? I'm a boy.
What do you do to relax? Sing
What's something that you like? Drums.
What did you want to be when you grew up? A bard! (Fancy that!)
What's your favourite clothes/outfit? Spidersilk tunic.
What is your biggest regret in life? Not listening to Beowulf, getting bit by that snake, and losing my arm.


How old are you? ....y'know, I forgot.
What's your height? Average?
What are you? A witch ;]
Do you have any bad habits? Stealing the dessert off other people's plates.
Are you a virgin? Pffft, no.
Who's your mate / spouse? If not, got anyone in mind? Used to be Dmitri. Now it's Dawn ~<3
Do you have any kids? Can't say I do.
What's your favourite food? Erm. smores?
What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Rainbow sherbert!
Have you killed anyone? Noooo.
Have any secrets? I do. Who doesn't?
Do you hate anyone? Yes, yes I do. *cough*Rhian*cough*
Do you love anyone? Yeppers.
What is your job? ....love and dating advice columnist.
Boy or girl? I'm 99% manly.
What do you do to relax? Eat.
What's something that you like? Um....unicorns?
What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be James Bond. No, really.
What's your favourite clothes/outfit? My khaki shorts, flip flops and white tank with my beads.
What is your biggest regret in life? ....letting go.


Feb. 13th, 2008 04:17 pm
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How old are you? 25
What's your height? ...tall?
What are you? Human-dragon crossbreed
Do you have any bad habits? frowning
Are you a virgin? ....yes
Who's your mate / spouse? If not, got anyone in mind? .......Captain Harlequinn.
Do you have any kids? No.
What's your favourite food? Don't have a favorite
What's your favourite ice cream flavour? ....mint.
Have you killed anyone? Yes.
Have any secrets? Yes
Do you hate anyone? Yes
Do you love anyone? Yes
What is your job? Manatapper
Boy or girl? I'm male.
What do you do to relax? Sleep.
What's something that you like? Tapping into trees.
What did you want to be when you grew up? My dad.
What's your favourite clothes/outfit? Something comfortable, I suppose.
What is your biggest regret in life? Letting myself join BANG.
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Yeah...it was my first original story ever and I really want to do it justice. So here's what I got so far. It's not much (not much AT ALL), but I definitely like it better.

Prince Lucciola found a butterfly in his garden. But he didn't know it was a butterfly, mostly because the butterfly certainly didn't look like one. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, one nose, one set of furrowed eyebrows, and definitely no wings. It seemed just human to Lucciola. It had been resting in the small oasis that was forbidden for anyone to enter save for the desert Prince.

So naturally, Lucciola was a bit angry seeing the butterfly, glugging down the crystal water, eating the sweet fruit that grew on the small collection of plants, and getting red juice all over its fingers and lips. It looked worn, as if it had been traveling for quite some time. Its movements were jerky and quick, as it plucked plump red berries from their stalks and devoured them greedily. The butterfly looked no older than Lucciola, but was more slender and sinewy.

Its head snapped up when Prince Lucciola approached making its oddly colored hair, a mess of bright yellow, dulled black-brown, with blue ends, fall from behind his shoulders. Its indigo eyes were wide and piercing, only pinning Lucciola to the spot for a few brief seconds. But the prince shook off the stare, donning a snarl that reached his own yellow eyes.
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¡Coming Soon! (or never...)

¡Coming Soon! RolePlay- (slash) Two boys rolepay with each other over the internet. But life outside the glowing screen and imagination is not as happy as it appears in a simple :). The tale of Rex and Dakota, and their characters,(name pending) and (name pending).Two stories in one.

¡Coming Soon! (Untitled)- (slash) A modern boy gets thrown into a funky fantasy game world where he has to find his way back home...and out of another man's heart.

¡Coming Soon! Angel in the Lighthouse- (slash) Dorian's sick grandfather can't man the Point Fyr lighthouse so Dorian must spend his summer alone, not spying on his crush back in Pismo Beach, California. But, things become extremely interesting when he finds another boy, named West, in his grandfather's tower...

¡Coming Soon! One Hit Wonders- (slash) Seriously, these are just a bunch of one-shots I've been working on.It saves me from writing a story with a cool plot I know I'll never finish. Also, it helps me with my short story writing.

-One Shots-

-A cage fighter...and an anime voice actor. How the hell did these two get together?

-Jade went through the world unseen and unloved. Odd that he caught the interest of a cute blind boy named Llewelyn...

-Mini-stories of the third kind. Of the Charms & Curses kind! Bwhahaha...


Jan. 17th, 2008 07:21 pm
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Failed on that promise.
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Holy moose on toast, review replies for chapter 32. Cause I'm a lazy ass. Pardon me for sounding snippy in a few...I'm not in the best of moods.

lilylupin7: Yes it has been awhile. I will continue, though I sort of need some inspiration really....

Enaid: Many wonderful things. Like purple ponies.

RyokoJesse: ...would you like a slap? To get you out of your stupor?

Dark_Seduction2Sweet Surren...: Not even I know what is happening next. Byt that isn't a good thing normally.

AllisonBrandons: Why thank you. I do enjoy people who don't demand updates and opt to wait. Brava, I like you.

soporific: You. :)

gravilove19: I'm curious about it too since I actually have no idea.

Blank Sky: ...yes, I suppose it is. Though I consider cheesecake with strawberry topping more addictive....possibly olallieberry pie...

Saint Anger: ....honestly, that's how I leave off the majority of the chapters. Making you dangle. Hm. Yes, I am back, but I left a bit of myself over there. Possibly my sanity.

renru-no-ren: I should publish, but that requires more work than I feel like doing right now.

merrymowmow: ...when I write the next chapter.

DBZ-FAN-JESS: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The.Blessed.Day: Nikko finds out. Maybe chapter 33, I haven't exactly written it yet. And Diti would prolly faint.

firedraygon97: Pentagon? ...hm, lessee....there's...Shasta, Dawn, Dimitri, Justinian...oh, and Rhian. Yep, pentagon. Fun. Teehee.

Mage Dudette: Don't worry, it's a belated update. Yes, London. And everywhere else. And yes Louise Rennison lives there and she rawks my knickers. I bought two books there of hers yet to be released in the US. WOOO.

Paul Getty: ...are you male? I love it when guys read my story. I dunno why. The next update is when I write the next chapter. Dunno when.

jjwitdaheydiddydiddy: dayan11412?....uhh....that's somewhere in there....Thank you for actually constructively reviewing, you don't know how happy it makes me. I hate the one lined review of "good update plz". And yes, I can snip out a lot of this rather well, since some of it is just thrown in for filler. Mostly the Jazz stuff. Thank you again.

LandUnderWave: I did. I had lots of fun. Thanks for asking. I do enjoy surprising people. :)

raenfell: I have constant updates? Pfft. And you make some really interesting points. ....snerk, Kandy? You think Kandy is Rhian's lover....? Oh dear lord you are going to have yourself blindsided with that plot point. Which means my plan is working. Teehee.

Aime Atem: You're welcome, I love to add a smidgen of French in everything for no reason.

iwwishillwillupon you: Maybe.

Wings of Fenrir: Because I love cliffies. They are just the perfect conclusions of chapters. And don't worry, I will have happy endings. I like your penname, by the way.

Sychaeus: I do that a lot. But then I have to reread everything to understand it...I might just have to reread this damn story...And everyone loves the puppy. Because the puppy is cute.

Finger Dingbat: Language! Add it isn't illegal, tis my mark of the trade. Yep, he's back! Wooo! And woot, not a crap author. I'm trying to hurry, but I hit brick walls when I do. And I have never heard of any of those bands/songs. Ever. Hm. I look them up. Thanks for wishing me ducks. I love ducks.

SiriusMoonPuppy: Sorry for making you miss my story, I just can't concentrate on it anymore. THanks for your loyalness.

Esquirella: Nope, sorry. Biko belongs to someone else, unfortunately.

Bravado Pirate: Like the name. I'm glad you restarted reading it!

Rachizzle: Yes you did. S'alright, Flyff has been dominating mine. Horribly.

sporkess: It might be nostrils ripped, but raped sounds so much more interesting. Nasal sodomy. Him. It definitely is in betweeny because I need to figure out how I"m going to continue it...hopefully the next chapter is action packed. Not quite sure anymore.

ceesthepanda: Why Nikko know's Biko? Uh....what?

Nara Merald: Of course, they need to show up at some point.

Tate Soyker: Because I like torturing my readers. And Dimitri deserves a little sympathy. And Tou doesn't know Biko, he just assumed it was the puppy.

Kilian: I want one too. Neverending supply of pomegranates in there for me.

Catseye*Rose: Yes, I love the series. I was privileged enough to by the next in it while in England. Swoot. Sweet/woot. Tou/Dawn are bestest pallies in my mind. Tou is a nut. And they call him Macadamia. And he does the Macarena. Rhian is cool, because he's got a soft side. And Rathius kicks ass. I love him. I wish there was more of him.

NightPredator: Good for you! Thanks for the praise! Toodles!

HumanInfiltrator: ....your penname is scary for some reason. Thanks for the review!

color-of-her-eyes: Despite the interesting stuff hinted at, I'm drawing up a blank on how to do it. Really, it's fucking annoying. And I could make the villain transition a bit smoother. I'm happy that I made you content ^^

time-to-dance-kitsune: Moo. From the happy cows of California.

PearlinTheMist: I think you basically summed up my readers' feelings. Hug/stab. Lucky person you, smexy English boyfriend.....and is it sad that I need to reread this whole story too? I can't remember any of it. I will update MTTIC as soon as possible. Thanks for the comments!

the sacred night: You wrote a long ass review. I love it. And Tou/Dawn are going to be bestest pallies in the aftermath. And the reason I switch tenses is because I absolutely suck at it. Because if you write in the first person past tense...you can't really say what they are thinking in that very moment....I dunno, it's just hard to write, so I switched to present. I'll rewrite it all later. Yeah, this whole chapter is basically bits pinned together and hoping it worked. I didn't but I needed to put something out there. Thanks for the constructive comments!

Midnights Scream: I want that bag damnit.

Rice-Ball247: I get that feeling when my fav stories update. You scramble to read it. Inner fangirls are okay as long as you sedate them periodically. Thanks!

mandraco: Glad you like it. It's my sentiments on shins.

blackrose214: ....I always cliffie, I dunno why everyone still freaks out like I do this to be evil. Cliffies just end up to be the best place to stop. And I never right on paper, it bugs me. Thanks for the review!

My Chemical Music Box: ...well, you had to wait a lot longer than I said because I'm a flake. Sorry. Still alive?

Piko-chan: Hehe, Piko. And everyone wants that bag! (Me too.)

Would not Could not in a Bo...: Not with you yelling at me like that.

Kidiu Anaji: I shalt never quit...just take a very very very long time. And I have no clue how many chapters...ballparking four.

Asitha: Yes I am. I just love cliffies is all. Thanks!

LadyFalcone: ...yeah, the world sucks >>

AnnaG.Luv: I live for shockers. Keeps things lively.

gonnabefamous: Thanks for the exclamatory stuff. It makes me happy to see people excited.

pplofthewrldeatcheese: I love cheese. And I loved England. Especially Stratford-Upon-Avon.

coldloner: ....look, if you can't even write a review with capitals and without chatspeak....

Aimee Straughston: Yes, it is made of WIN. ....whatever that is.

Annwyl: Death by cliffie? However shall they write that on the coroner's report? Hehe, thanks for the review.

Lazy-Hime: Alright then. Thanks for the loving it.

Amindaya: Absorb the voice..through his...nostril....huh. Lovely image.....psst....can't wait for your insane-o story to update!

Aeshtarai: Good, suspecting things is always good. Thanks for the review.

Shizuka no Namida: Not kill him, but he might suffer a minor heart attack. ....and I actually have no idea what is going to happen next.

lavcea: ....for a second I thought the L reviewed.

Rachelmorph: You are on a roll! Mucho lurve for the updates and rpness and being all around lovely.
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Okay, I've been slacking. Really, really slacking. I had an excuse for all of November, but now I don't. Well, okay, I do, since my thumbdrive BROKE thus deleting all my hardwork....what little there was.

So, for a Christmas present for my faithful readers, I'm updating every story. Some might be short, some might be rushed, put there'll be a chapter for EVERY STORY.

...except maybe Six-Pack Summer. Maybe. I dunno. Hm.

Because....seriously, I need to find some way to shut people the hell up. I'm getting reviews that essentially are all of one sentence and that is "update." Sometimes with pretty tack on phrases like "I was hoping...." or "I was wondering when..." but it comes down to the same thing.

Why not try for a little constructive criticism, PLEASE? I need that more than I need people poking me repeatedly in the side "update, update, update, update".

Sorry for the rant. I just felt the need to say it. Not that anyone has really discovered this thing yet. I put the link up though. Pfft.

Yeah...well...hopefully I'll come through on this promise. I'll update during the week of Christmas, not directly on it, since I have better things to do with my Christmas day....like playing the Wii with my family. Get my ass kicked by my mom in WiiBowling. That sort of thing.


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