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Sep. 9th, 2008 10:45 pm
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So I was bored and started to think of songs that would go well with some of my stories. A few times mostly just as "anime opening credits songs" sort of style and then the theme songs and such. Here's what I got!

First MTTIC.Woot woot! )
drazuki: (nawts) was my first original story ever and I really want to do it justice. So here's what I got so far. It's not much (not much AT ALL), but I definitely like it better.

Prince Lucciola found a butterfly in his garden. But he didn't know it was a butterfly, mostly because the butterfly certainly didn't look like one. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, one nose, one set of furrowed eyebrows, and definitely no wings. It seemed just human to Lucciola. It had been resting in the small oasis that was forbidden for anyone to enter save for the desert Prince.

So naturally, Lucciola was a bit angry seeing the butterfly, glugging down the crystal water, eating the sweet fruit that grew on the small collection of plants, and getting red juice all over its fingers and lips. It looked worn, as if it had been traveling for quite some time. Its movements were jerky and quick, as it plucked plump red berries from their stalks and devoured them greedily. The butterfly looked no older than Lucciola, but was more slender and sinewy.

Its head snapped up when Prince Lucciola approached making its oddly colored hair, a mess of bright yellow, dulled black-brown, with blue ends, fall from behind his shoulders. Its indigo eyes were wide and piercing, only pinning Lucciola to the spot for a few brief seconds. But the prince shook off the stare, donning a snarl that reached his own yellow eyes.


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