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So I've been playing this nifty "musical" RPG for the DS called Rhapsody and more and more I wish I had a cooler wardrobe. And that said wardrobe wouldn't cause people to gawk at me.

Seriously! )


Jul. 26th, 2008 11:36 pm
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I went to the eye doctor today. First time in my whole life. I went to the one in Costco no less.

Guess what I need?

Mmmhm. I should be getting them in a week.
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I'll post later about the awesome con. Right now I just want to ask something.

...is it okay for a white person to wear ethnic clothing?

I bought this beautiful red yukata in Little Tokyo. I wore it during the con, and a lot of people took pictures of me...But then when I got home....I got nervous.

Would Japanese people get offended if I wear something from the cultural heritage? Is it dumb that I even think that?

I have no true ethnicity. Sure people can say white is an ethnicity, but unless you know exactly what country your ancestors are from (ie, France, England, etc.) then you're kind of floating in this sea of white people. And I'm a frickin' weeaboo, and I'm trying not to be. I really am. But I feel like I shouldn't be ranting about how it sucks to be a nondescript white American since I have 'white privilege'. And I know I do. I really do.

I worry that if I try to imitate ethnicity I might horribly offend someone, like I'm making fun of them by liking their culture. I respect different cultures and wish my culture sometimes wasn't a melting pot of people. The USA, culture wise, sucks. And I don't just mean the white America. I mean America has a whole. We stereotype and assume. Anyone who is Asian-American, African-American, etc. has to be X-American and not just American. Do we ever hear French-American? Nope, you blend in, you don't need your own social reference.

I want to be something other than American. But I don't even know what I am. My last name is German, my mom's maiden name is Austrian, and my grandma's Irish. White people are obsessed about their cultural heritage. So we can say I'm Irish-German-Finnish-Czech-Martian-American.

...I just want to wear a comfortable, colorful robe with big sleeves and not be accused of being a stupid white person weeaboo.

The only thing that made me feel better was when a Japanese photographer stopped me and my friend at the con to take our picture, saying how he loved the yukatas we were wearing.

Now I just can't help but wonder what he really thought.
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The last three days have been hell to I'm going to bitch and complain like a good little blogger girly.

First it was my presentation on video games with my group I had everything done, but I got nervous. Normally I can bullshit my way through, but you can't really do that in child psychology. Plus, the class seems to have this urge to talk why I'm talking, which throws me off and makes me stutter. I was a mess, then I couldn't find my notecards so I babbled about my own opinions, and costed my group a perfect score, and the teacher even had to stop my babbling so we could just move on. Plus, I made at least most of the class go "urk!" with my Mass Effect story and such. I looked like such a total idiot. At least I made good oatmeal cookies and brownies. That people took greedily, leaving barely any for the other classmates.

Then Friday I head to school and come back to go to my job with Ashley, only to get one of the worst scenarios of my job handed to me, making me gag. (I won't explain what that is though). AND I ended up inhaling bleach fumes along with some sort of cleaning spray, which tore up my airway as well as somehow get me back to being sick.

Then, after that, I get home to find my brother has ditched to go to Godmode (some Christain gaming thing) AND took the fucking Wii, which means I can't work on my Brawlz.

So I get to work on the computer on my second job and partway through it I decided to call my father to see if he was actually coming up Saturday, as planned, since he postponed it since last weekend. Nope, he's not coming because he can't afford the gas and motel. Well fuck. That makes around five months since I last saw my dad. That made my start crying while on the phone, thankfully I kept it out of my voice. Then my mom came in, ragged on how flaky and useless my father was before hugging me.

And as if that weren't bad enough, my bestest friend in the whole world, Meg, isn't coming up either. That makes it almost a year since I last saw her!

And then today I was suppose to go to Ashley's dad's band gig, but my mother doesn't want me driving on the grade (a very steep and scary hill that leads to the place they are) and she won't go either, despite I thought that she'd like to go with me just this once to a gig, because it was at a winery! Nope, not happening. So not only can I not take Ashley to the gig so she can play in the band, but I don't get to go either. At one point my mom got pissed with Tyler because he didn't register for college or get his driving lession scheduled, and she took it out on the both of us, declaring she was tired of arguing, and that we could do whatever the fuck we wanted. Naturally, I didn't because that phrase spells out death.

The real kicker is that there was a PtP reunion party that I had to miss because I needed to pick up Ashley, that my brother went to. And guess WHAT?! They have to drive on the grade to get to the fucking party! 

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Played a lot of video games, have we? ;p
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Okay, I've been slacking. Really, really slacking. I had an excuse for all of November, but now I don't. Well, okay, I do, since my thumbdrive BROKE thus deleting all my hardwork....what little there was.

So, for a Christmas present for my faithful readers, I'm updating every story. Some might be short, some might be rushed, put there'll be a chapter for EVERY STORY.

...except maybe Six-Pack Summer. Maybe. I dunno. Hm.

Because....seriously, I need to find some way to shut people the hell up. I'm getting reviews that essentially are all of one sentence and that is "update." Sometimes with pretty tack on phrases like "I was hoping...." or "I was wondering when..." but it comes down to the same thing.

Why not try for a little constructive criticism, PLEASE? I need that more than I need people poking me repeatedly in the side "update, update, update, update".

Sorry for the rant. I just felt the need to say it. Not that anyone has really discovered this thing yet. I put the link up though. Pfft.

Yeah...well...hopefully I'll come through on this promise. I'll update during the week of Christmas, not directly on it, since I have better things to do with my Christmas day....like playing the Wii with my family. Get my ass kicked by my mom in WiiBowling. That sort of thing.


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